Hi Daniel,

>> At various times this year, people have written things that appeared on
>> Planet Fedora and other people had no right of reply because their blogs
>> were never included there or blogs had been actively censored.

Cases should be reviewed separately and individually, but I think, until the proposed policy about content is approved, the Planet guidelines[1] are quite clear
>> Given the latest discussions taking place about what potentially amounts
>> to censorship, I feel it is critical that anybody with a view is able to
>> use all communication channels, including Planet Fedora, to draw
>> attention to whatever concerns they have.
> Since we're offering opinions, I'll offer mine as well.
> I feel the opposite and find blog posts unrelated to Fedora appearing
> on Planet Fedora to be a distraction.  I also feel that this isn't
> censorship as there is no inherent right to post whatever people want
> on Fedora run services.

Nonetheless, if somebody does in fact post a distraction, why shouldn't
people impacted by the distraction have a right-of-reply, in your terms,
posting a counter-distraction?
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