@Luya I would like really to see you there in person, you do a damn fine job with the Design Suite and I would like to help you to improve the process for it.

@William at some points I dont get you, there is somebody from design team! Tatica is registered. Can it be you want something like the "Become a part of Fedora" workshop I did in March in Phnom Penh/Cambodia, where I together with Kushal and Tuan, did help interested people doing there first steps to become a part of Fedora?

Think there is no need, that I am doing that, just grab my slides from my fp.o account ( https://gnokii.fedorapeople.org/talks/character_slide_en.svg ) translate it to spanish, make the talk and start together with them doing the steps. You dont need somebody from each part of Fedora there, first steps are for all the same and then only make sure somebody in the team the want to join takes care of them.

Example Nisa and Vannda are the l10n team for khmer now, we had nobody with us from that team, Praveen is part of electronic lab also nobody been there. You can do that, you dont need me for it.

br gnokii

2014-08-20 20:52 GMT+02:00 Máirín Duffy <duffy@fedoraproject.org>:

On 08/20/2014 02:47 PM, Adam Saunders wrote:
I understand, as a relatively-new parent myself. Perhaps I could pitch
in remotely somehow that weekend?

Absolutely! We have a fantastic network setup in the RH office here, and as I was mentioning to Luya elsewhere in the thread, I can commit to making sure everything is on video so you can follow remotely. I think it would be quite easy to help out with tickets remotely and we can coordinate over the video stream and IRC who grabs what ticket, and depending on how things go maybe we can work remotees into some of the more discussion-heavy agenda items as well? What do you think? Want to sign up as a remote attendee?


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