Hi Benson!

On Thu, Apr 7, 2022 at 1:24 AM Benson Muite <benson_muite@emailplus.org> wrote:
> - It has visually-based polling so we can put pictures next to each
> option if needed for the vote instead of making people click through
> elsewhere
> - It lets us limit the vote to members of specific discourse groups
> - It's pretty simple and seems less prone to error than limesurvey
> So we are looking at potentially using it for the F37 vote.
If the decision to use Discourse has been made, will the votes be
public? They are likely visible to the administrator. If not, might
there be interest in trying Loomio - can run a temporary instance.

One could also develop a Discourse plugin with the desired functionality.

The built-in poll functionality into Discourse actually seems quite sufficient. This isn't a large-scale vote (just Fedora Design team members) and it's not particularly controversial (it's just designer sentiment towards which inspirational figure has the best potential for inspiring release artwork) so absolute anonymity / etc isn't really a requirement at all. The poll results will be public and I think that's fine. I would like to try Discourse for F37 but not commit to using it long term because we haven't tried it yet and aren't fully aware of any issues that might crop up.

There isn't really a problem to solve here beyond making sure everyone who wants to vote who is an active team member has the ability to do so.