This discussion probably happens a lot of times. IMHO the project being opens, doesn't means that every little piece of it needs to be open. Fedora is not the only example, ask about Firefox (iceweasel case) [1], or even the Ubuntu logo [2]. Graphical elements are delicate, and since there are detailed instructions to use it [3], I think there is no reaons for create flames about not being open, or is less free for that.

Finally, there are legals about trademarks [4] that everyone should read. This doesn't mean that you can't collaborate, just that some things are more delicate than others.



2016-11-29 13:20 GMT-03:00 Salva Vivas <>:
Well this is not very typical of "linux", right? If it can be from Microsoft or Apple. I thought I would collaborate in open with an open source project and not with a private company. I already do this every day.

This disappoints me a bit but I am not who to say how you have to work, that is evident. I am sorry.

2016-11-29 16:57 GMT+01:00 Máirín Duffy <>:

On 11/28/2016 02:52 PM, Salva Vivas wrote:
The normal thing is that you make it easy for us to collaborate. I need
logo and resources as typographies because I want to familiarize with
your material.

I would love it if we could offer the logos as a self-service download but it's out of my hands - the trademark owner requires us to do it this way.


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