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Hi Mo,

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Máirín Duffy wrote:
> (we've had the same plymouth splash for many releases now and I've
> never seen a single complaint about it.)
unless I missed a change in the defaults, what you say here is obviously
not true:

And yeah, my position stands still the same. Spinfinity looks *much*

As for Elad's original question -- that the boot will take 0.5s on
hyper-super-"awesomest"-modern hardware means practically nothing.
You cannot count on your average user to have that. I have a machine
able to play "easier" 720p h.264 videos, still the boot takes tens of
seconds at the very least in F17 (haven't measured it lately, it used
to be around 1 minute, and the speed-up does not seem very
significant). Furthermore, if a reboot's going to be occasionally
long, we still need to show something that will not make the user think
his OS is from the 90s...

And yeah, some way of showing a progress is needed, as long as it's
meaningful (we *need* a way for a user that the [re]boot is taking long
because it's fscking, installing updates, re-labelling, whatever; and
not because something went wrong -- whenever we can).


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The boot will never take 0.5s, but the actual amount of time we show the Fedora logo itself is the split second when the boot is over and the display manager is starting up. uptill then it's just a bubble filling in white.

I think that progress does make sense only when we have long running tasks, but then we need to actually get selinux and fsck developers to make their software provide us with progress information. If they do that, and we have a reliable method of figuring out how to handle this, a progressbar for the overall boot progress when there's a relabel running will appear "stuck" because the relabel is just another thing running... I suggest either throbber+progress bar for long operations or two progress bars, one for long operation and the other for the overall boot progress.

Mo, me opening this thread doesn't have much to do with the incident to which you refer. I opened this thread mostly because I think that the charge theme is not fitting to indicate progress and will look odd when software updates are installing, and if we want to change it we also want consistency.

-Elad Alfassa.