@william: I was already asked this morning to go there and I said no, because nobody could tell me for what I am needed there, I dont fly around to burn money or have a nice trip, especially my trip there would cost 1.500$

@william & adam: we did choose Westford because, the key people live there and its trouble for them to travel, so with other word a FAD without mizmo and Ryan makes not really sense.

br gnokii

2014-08-20 19:20 GMT+02:00 Adam Saunders <adam.saunders@hushmail.com>:
How about somewhere in Vermont? Could even get some skiing in at the end of the day :)


On 08/20/2014 12:46 PM, S.Kemter wrote:

Looking on our team and how it's worked for a while, you'll notice some
things going wrong right now. Some changes over time have affected the
design team. For example, there are no code names anymore, and fedora.next has
shifted how we will organize and ship Fedora. Also, our trac queue contains
a lot of open tickets that are very old, and we don't have an organized and
consistent way to share design assets (for example, our Fedora People shared
account hasn't been used in the past 3 years, and we've tried an art board,
Sparkleshare on git, and other solutions but none have stuck yet.)

We want to bring some light in that darkness, so Mo and I agreed on trying
to get the team together on a FAD. The main purpose for this FAD would be
to put a structure in place to help handle our work in the future, and make
design team collaboration (and new design team member ramp-up) easy and fun.

We think the FAD should happen over a  weekend, from 16th - 18th January
2015, to enable more people to be able to come. Since the more active part of
the team is mostly US-based right now, we thought its the best idea to do in
the US, so the place will be near Boston in Westford, Massachusetts USA at
the Red Hat engineering office (we can use the facility for free and have
Mo and Ryan on the ground able to help.)

What we need now is to know who want to participate, so that we can
calculate the costs and arrange an budget for it. Here are the types of
things and skillsets we're looking for:

- Designers to help create badges, logos, mockups, etc. as requested in the
open tickets on our trac queue at

- Designers and other technical folks willing to play around / try out and
evaluate different potential design team infrastructure tools and work out
ways we can integrate them into our team moving forward. This might involve
installing and playing with art boards, coming up with a SparkleShare
workflow, or experimenting with Glitter Gallery or any other related kinds
of tools that will help us store our assets and share our work with each

- Anyone familiar with FAS to help us go through our membership list and
clean out inactive members and tend to pending requests.

- Designers and anyone else willing to participate in brainstorming a
solution about Fedora's release artwork process.

You can view our draft FAD proposal on the wiki:


Please add your name as an interested participant and let us know your
location / local airport so we can start putting together a full budget for
this event.

br gnokii

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