Why not closer to Canada, say Burlington Vt.?

Mr. Leslie Satenstein

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We think the FAD should happen over a  weekend, from 16th - 18th January 2015, to enable more people to be able to come. Since the more active part of the team is mostly US-based right now, we thought its the best idea to do in the US, so the place will be near Boston in Westford, Massachusetts USA at the Red Hat engineering office (we can use the facility for free and have Mo and Ryan on the ground able to help

Good idea but what about a FAD per región? I live in latam region, it could really good do get a event like this in any región and we can get feedback for the others events.

We are working for Fudcon Latam, 2014, it is going to be at October 23th to 25th

It could be really nice for Latam región is someone of the design team come to Fudcon Latam, even we can run a FAD inside the Fudcon (or hacking if you prefer). We have many ambassador and packager than want to come to Fudcon Latam, but we are missing for someone of the desing team.

People still can request for sponsorship to come here:

Someone will like to suport a Design Workshop in Fudcon Latam or a FAD? It could be really cool in we can merge both in Fudcon so many people will come asking about how to join the Fedora Project and Desing can be a good start point.

Someone is interested in come to Fudcon Latam and ask for sponsorship?

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