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Mr. Satenstein we already told you more then once, that is not the right place to discuss GNOME design as we are not responsible for that. You even called us ignorant for that, still wait for an excuse for that misbehaivor.

You are still here to demand your view it should be done because you dont like to see there is a difference between frequent and favorites. So leave us alone. Please.

@all others dont feed the troll

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2013/4/13 Leslie S Satenstein <>
Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the reply about my feedback.  I too, appreciate your feedback.
As I noted, there are a few areas in Gnome where extra thought has/had to be given to make it worthwhile to implement.  Here is what irks me.

The split into FREQUENT and ALL makes me wonder about FAVOURITES Bar. Both are favourites, in my view.  By the way, regarding FREQUENT, I decided to walk through all the applications in the ALL side, and sure enough, the icon was copied to FREQUENT.  But I was unable to determine how to purge icons in the FREQUENT category.  This inability to purge from FREQUENT really bothered me. 

And the other two things that bothered me were (ALL) now no longer had categories such as programming, system, etc. (so I would not have to scroll a fully merged list).

One major request, and that is to put the [:::] icon next to the Activities bar.  Having it there will reduce by two, the number of mouse clicks required to find an application in the ALL side. Positioning it there may eliminate the "Activities" button.

In closing, I am responding as an end-user.  I have done so because I look to ease of use by end-users  as most important.  I feel that the end-user is an afterthought.


Mr. Leslie Satenstein
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From: Matthew Miller <>

Subject: Re: [Design-team] First evaluations after testing Anaconda and Gnome installations F19 TC3
To: "Fedora Design Team" <>
Date: Thursday, April 4, 2013, 8:57 AM

On Wed, Apr 03, 2013 at 11:11:16PM -0700, Leslie S Satenstein wrote:
> With Fedora 19, Gnome 4.x it takes 7 mouse clicks.  By the way, with
> Cinnamon, it is 1 mouse click to open the menu, then slide to the

Worth noting that it's very search focused and therefore keyboard friendly.
Hit the overview key (probably has a windows logo on it; hey, at least the
picture makes sense now), start typing the name of your program, and hit
enter when you've got enough to be specific (or mouse when it shows up).

Zero clicks. :)

This is gnome 3.7 (future 3.8), not 4.x, by the way.

> languages are right to left). Therefore it made better sense to have the
> favourites bar and the workspace selection on the right side of the
> desktop presentation.  Why do we have to slide from extreme top left to
> extreme right to select an alternate workspace. Ergonomical design and how
> people use the computer to generate output would indicate that there is
> much to do to improve Gnome.

I agree that the "extreme slide" you describe here makes workspaces hard to

This extension helps, by making the workspaces already expanded so you don't
need to go all the way to the edge -- I think it particularly makes sense
with today's typical wide-screen monitors.
Unfortunately, not updated to 3.7 yet.

Particularly if you get in the habit of using the key to activate the
overview rather than the hot corner in the top right, problem mostly solved.
(I'm still looking for an extension to make the entire top of the screen
activate the overview....)

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