I think this is a great idea. A lot of existing badge tickets need concepts for artwork. The ticket queue needs attention in general and I've  been attempting to organize it a bit this last week. I think it would be beneficial to survey what areas of Fedora are represented/underrepresented in the Badge system so we can decide where to focus our efforts. 

I think having a in depth workshop/meeting to get everything out on the table and then perhaps a monthly meeting may suffice our needs. 

Just to throw this out there, we are having a badges workshop day at the design FAD in July so having this either before or using that time to further this agenda would be great. 



On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Mariia Leonova <mleonova@redhat.com> wrote:
Hey Justin!

Sounds like a good idea! Which week exactly are you suggesting for this workshop? Or do you want to do it as a recurring thing?

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Maria Leonova

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Hello all,

In the CommOps meetings for the past couple weeks, we've been throwing
around the idea of having a Badges workshop where CommOps and the Design
team can meet together. This also fits into some of the discussion about
Fedora Hubs as of recently too.

In the workshop, we would try to work through any important badges that
need to be created or defined, talk about strategy for creating badges,
and maybe triage existing badge tickets. It could also specialize in
specific topics for Badges based on other needs too.

I put together a WhenIsGood poll to help find times that work for anyone
that is interested in contributing or attending such a workshop. If
you're interested, please fill out the times that work best for you below!



Justin W. Flory

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