On 07/06/10 09:29 AM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
>> I agree, Droid-fonts are really great :) And a Modata-like font for headlines :)
> +1 for that here, too -- find a Modata-like font with more
> accent/diacritical coverage(*) for headlines, and use Droid Sans for
> body text.
> I think it's worth pointing out that the Fedora Desktop SIG has been
> discussing moving Fedora 14 to default to Droid Sans, assuming some
> remaining issues are worked out.
> * * *
> (*) That's what's meant by glyphs, right?  Character coverage?

Droid Sans typeface looks very crisp. I also tested Free Sans which looks similar too.
Droid Sans makes sense. As for Modata look alike, Comfortaa seems to be a good candidate. There is also Arista 2.0 but I don't think the license is compatible with Fedora guideline.

P.S: I am working on a French speaking Fedora community magazine which is matching the quoted outlook. It is expected to be released next week featuring a cover page of F13 Goddard wallpaper. Stay tuned.

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