In the new design, can you please include the Message of the Day in the GUI logon screen.  The MSOD shows in the ttyn screen.  It would be helpful to have a user SYSTEM ID appear in the logon screen. 
Justification for the latter request.  I have 2 Fedora20 systems on one computer (shadow and daily).  Sometimes the shadow version is up. From either logon screen we cannot tell which of the two is active. There is no area in the logon screen to put our system name.  (I would like to put "Production"  on one and "Shadow" on the other.

Alternatively, let me be able to change the background of the logon screen.


Mr. Leslie Satenstein

From: Máirín Duffy <>
To: Fedora Design Team <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 8:21 PM
Subject: Re: [Design-team] Fedora Design Github org

Added on both counts, github and FAS. I did check the FAS queue for the
design team and it didn't look like you were in it; it does look like
someone needs to take action on your marketing team application (I don't
have admin there.) That being said, Fedora Magazine is kind of a cross
team project and the work you've done there is good, so I thought that
was fair for an approval into the design team.

On 04/08/2014 04:59 PM, Bryan Sutherland wrote:
> hrmmm, I applied a while back and was doing some work originally with
> the magazine launch but I guess my FAS request wasn't approved.
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