Hey Ramya!

Our team chat is #fedora-design on Freenode. It's mapped to Matrix, the Matrix room is #fedora-design:matrix.org!


On November 25, 2020 10:41:45 PM EST, Ramya Parimi <rlp.parimi@gmail.com> wrote:
Thank you for the information. I will take a look at the issue and get comfortable with understanding the theme/design. 

Yep, I am looking forward to working with Ben. 

Also, could you let me know if  there is a matrix or telegram bridge that I can join?

On Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 4:12 PM Máirín Duffy <duffy@redhat.com> wrote:
Hey Ramya!

So if you check out the ticket at https://pagure.io/design/issue/704 - there's links to the Discourse theming guides and even a test system test out themes.

I think a first big step would be to get the header design from the ticket working in a discourse theme. Seem doable?

Also Ben from another thread here is interested in this task as well so maybe you can work together?


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Hello Mairin,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. This sounds very interesting. I would love to be part of the theming idea. Please let me know how I can help. Are there some template design codes that are previously used which I can refer to..

Thank you

On Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 3:40 PM Máirín Duffy <duffy@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi Ramya!

Oh and this could be helpful:

The ticket with the details :)


Ar 11/25/20 4:29 PM, scríobh Máirín Duffy:
> Welcome to the team! What do you think about developing a theme for
> our Discourse at discussions.fedoraproject.org?? I have a mockup I've
> been working on but we need help implementing it. Let me know if you
> are interested.

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Ramya Parimi

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