Do we have a team assembled to build/design the site if its being written in PHP or a CMS i could contribute to hacking it out and or design aspects.

2012/1/31 María Leandro <>

Everyday new users come asking for help and learn about FOSS, and our way to help them is through Fedora. We know that there are a LOT of tutorial on internet, but most of them are on *text* format and yet, people love to see things on *video*. (even more if they are multilanguage)

Probably, there is a huge list of videos already on internet, but they aren't organized, so our new contributor Nitesh Narayan Lal [1] from India would like to come up with some web-based site where people can easily find them (or at least where we can recomend a list of videos that might be useful for new contributors)

Talking with Mark Terranova at FUDCon Blacksburg, we got this idea of make a simple *video join page* where we will have a small list of videos where people can easily understand and complete the different steps that must be followed to be part of Fedora, or any specific group. Is easier for a contributor to record a tutorial, lets say, 10min, instead spend 30min writing it.

Nitesh has started with some easy tutorials (some that he has done and some collected) and we would love that, if any of you are interested on this idea, please, join us next thursday Feb-02 at 1530UTC [2] on #Fedora-Design , so we can work on this idea and bring even more knowledge to our users/contributors.



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