Hi and thanks for the welcome (Máirín Duffy)

Yeah, I'm planning to design a Fedora wallpaper that "hopefully" would be available for the 21 release...

Question: Are the design team also responsible for created new folder icons/styles, and desktops?
Also, how might designers help with these areas??

Kind Regards
Eugene Thomas

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Hi Eugene!

Welcome to the team! Our list has been pretty quiet as of late, but we do hanf arouns #fedora-design on freenode IRC. We are actually open for submissions to Fedora's 21 supplemental wallpaper, so maybe you have some good shots you'd like to submit? gnokii wrote a blog post with all of the instructions here: 


Anyway, again, welcome!!! 


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Hello Design Team...

My name is Eugene, I'm from Birmingham England.

I have been wanting to find a way to give back to the Linux venture ever since I was introduced to the Linux Mandrake distros many years ago.
Now that I have finally decided to take my aspirations to new levels, I feel I have the passion and commitment to put my skills and abilities to further uses, in the form of graphic design and digital illustrations.

I am an active photographer who uses open source applications such as GIMP for photo manipulation, and Inkscape for various purposes.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to be involved with such an already super design team, and I hope to get acquainted.

Kindest Regards

Eugene Thomas
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