Here's the sort-of-final layout:

I polished it up and used Daniel's banner and pictures (although some pages are still missing images). I also made some corrections to the known typos, but I haven't checked for any others myself.

All the files and sources can be found in this archive:

What do you think?


2010/6/5 Berryhill Daniel <>
Hey Jef,
     Here's the stuff I had worked on for the design-bounty.  I made the realese-notes banner smaller so that all four corners would be rounded (instead of the two on the left being chopped off).  The minibar allows for more content on subsequent pages.  I only kept the "features" bubble from the four-Fs since this document is all about new features - but it wouldn't be a big deal to swap it out with anything.  Finally, Mo had mentioned getting some screenshots on the document.  I pulled a picture of the BFO from the fedora Wiki and added a "dramatic" angle and drop shadow.  I hope this helps!  Let me know if you need help getting different headers into your OOo document (it took me a little while to figure out!).


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