Hello everyone! 

Talking on IRC about the awesome designs that Mo and Kartoffel Ryan [0] have done for the new Fedora website, we came across with the following question:

* which would be the most relevant sections that each team user would like to see on their personal page once they log-in (their dashboard?)

So one of the thing we could do, instead just go and guess, is ask. What if we do a simple poll or questionnaire to know what would be the most relevant information to put on a front page and which sections would they like to have independent just one click of distance from their dashboard.

If anyone has ideas on which questions would help us to understand our contributors needs, please drop them here. I will just start with a couple of ideas:

* Which Fedora information/page you check every single day?
Info: the highest voted would go default on the dashboard.

* Which team(s) do you work with regularly?
Info: the highest team would have a special section, as well the less voted (to increase participation), and we will know how many teams/info we will have to integrate.

* yours?

See ya!

[0] http://blog.linuxgrrl.com/2014/04/01/a-proposal-for-fedoras-website-considering-fedora-next/

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