Actually those tutorials are from other sources. I created a wiki gathering your email so I will add them on the list after cleaning the layout.

Of course contributors are welcome.

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On Aug 25, 2015 3:33 PM, "Andrew Walton" <> wrote:
Hi Luya,

I was just having a look at your tutorials, quite impressive, you've been busy.

In your "use Scribus to convert" tutorial you mention that different programs have a different idea of how big an A4 page is. I have a "possible" reason for you. Some programs have a set default for how many dots per inch your image is supposed to be regardless of what you think. Other programs will pull that information from whatever printer is plugged into the computer at the time.

This is where Windows never got a break in the print world, Windows machines all pull the dots per inch settings straight from the printer, and then you take the file to someone else who uses a different printer and all your sizes shift and the fonts drop out.

With Macintosh files on Macintosh computers the dots per inch setting was a rock hard unbreakable rule and the fonts were always included in the file so it didn't matter if the printer didn't have your fonts, he would most certainly have them after opening your file. "Legally" he's obliged to delete them again after doing your job but you know how it is, sometimes you're too busy and forget. :)

So between Mac computers your image was guaranteed to be exactly the same as you created it. Through the mid 90's until they talked to intel (iMac) this was the only thing that kept them in business.

It's also another cheap trick I use to protect my original photos, I've set my dots per inch  in the photos to 1800. This won't stop anyone that knows what they're doing but if the average mug tries to print any of my pictures a 10 megapixel photo comes out the size of a postage stamp.


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