This work is nice and I like it.
We can filter the info on the pages. Like most important info first and then the rest.
Most of the time people not like to read lot of texts :).

I have a suggestion, we can present the process as a block diagram(may be a flow chart), one glance is enough to understand the whole process.
We can put it on the intro part then they can get an good idea before reading in details.
If u need help do contact your Ninja mate :).

I really love the intro part. Nice drawing :).

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 7:05 AM, Christian Bryant <> wrote:
> You mean I should re-draw my detailed mockups roughly with pencil?

I'd never ask that :)

> The mockups are in no way final designs. There is much space for
> creativity and ideas.

I was actually responding as an Ambassador and missed that this was
the Design Team mailing list: Apologies :)

I recommended something like Pencil only because, as a development
manager, I tend to review projects like this from a non-graphical
perspective, just the raw requirements.

But you were asking designers so I better stop while I'm behind! :)


- Christian Bryant
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