Hello all.

Isn't a secret that I was a bit too hard in the last design meeting, even so... try to help with the rest of the task I had seems not an option if even when I ask for sorry this wherent accepted.

The best choice I have is to leave the team, at least for a while. This discussions has become into a pointless "I'm better" that I really don't want to have.

Mizmo you have been a terrific teacher, if I said something inapropiated I'm sorry, but as humans we all make mistakes, this is my way to repair mine of being too honest.

Rest of the team, I will try to keep helping with what I can, but I really consider that I'm being push to say things I don't want to, so the best thing to do is give me a break of this completely childish discussions.

See ya all at #fedora-social if have something to add

Maria Gracia Leandro
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