What do you think fellow, design team members? 

Full disclosure, I brought this up to Matthew yesterday when we were discussing the ticket on converting the logo guidelines to asciidoc. We realized they have to be updated with some of the new stuff we've been working on (Fedora IoT logo, Fedora CoreOS logo, etc). And I complained about how I wish I could update the logo too :-)

I think a lot of us have struggled with the inability to do one color and the off-centeredness of the bubble. (And wouldn't an open source font be nice??)


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On 10/4/18 5:02 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> Our "freedom + infinity + voice" logo is awesome -- but it also has some
> problems:
> * It doesn't work well at small sizes
> * It doesn't work at all in a single color
> * The "voice" bubble means it's hard to center visually in designs
> * The Fedora wordmark is based on a non-open-source font
> * I'm tired of explaining that it's not Facebook
> As much as I love our "classic" logo, I think it may be time for a refresh.
> It's not just about problems -- as we're getting into Year 15, and five
> years (!) of Fedora.next, our editions strategy is drifting away from
> "Fedora + logical thing" (like "Fedora Server" or "Fedora Cloud") into more
> unique brands like "Fedora CoreOS" or "Fedora Silverblue". As I said at
> Flock, the important thing about Fedora to me is the _people_ — I'd like
> "Fedora" to be more assocated with the project and the community rather than
> our software artifacts. I'd love to have a logo which can work as a
> "community umbrella".
> What do you think?

This logic makes sense to me. I'm also open-minded to a 2018 refresh.
There should probably be some level of engagement with the Fedora Design
Team on this too.

It is too bad tattoos aren't as easy to update as Fedora. :)

Justin W. Flory

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