as nitesharanyal spoke to me in IRC few minutes ago, I have another thing. photofilmstrip http://www.photofilmstrip.org/ its a software you can make from raster images very fast moving slideshows, including ken burns effect. Very easy ti handle. But is also not packaged yet, but should be easy its python

br gnokii

2013/2/14 Luya Tshimbalanga <luya@fedoraproject.org>
Hi  gnokii,

I added these followings listed apps to package into:


On 12/02/13 02:27 AM, S.Kemter wrote:
Hi Luya,

First of all, I am totally happy that you now looking after the Design Spin.
Now I had some time to watch over the list and I have some requests.

* Swatchbooker http://www.selapa.net/swatchbooker/ its a tool for manage swatches, mostly color sets now, its not active developed but it still works and is helpful for e.g. converting color palettes from adobe swatch exchange (*.ase) to *.gpl. Its not packaged yet but thats not a big deal, its python.

* Phatch http://photobatch.stani.be/ its a batch tool with an GUI where you can process also EXIF data, its packaged and there is also an nautilus plugin for it. For that you might maybe skip nautilus-image-converter

* GPick you did already take care of

* Alchemy http://al.chemy.org/ , not easy to describe what it does, it helps to create a creative chaos where you can work with. Its not really active deloped but it still works, is also not packaged yet. It uses java and netbeans

* Evolvotron http://www.bottlenose.demon.co.uk/share/evolvotron/ its a tool for generate creative patterns. Its not packaged yet should be harder as it uses c++/QT

* gimp normal map, puiterwijk packaged it now, its for creating normal maps from images, which u can use for "bump mapping"

* NeoTextureEdit http://neotextureedit.sourceforge.net it helps you to create seemless textures, for 3D games or blender. Also not packaged yet, it uses java

* jlipsync http://jlipsync.lamhauge.dk/ or Papagayo http://www.lostmarble.com/papagayo/index.shtml, both do the same taking a sound file and try to recognize the phonemes. With help of that tool you can animate 3D/2D speaking characters. jlipsync bases on java and papagayo on python, personally I prefer Papagayo but its tricky on 64bit machines as the development stopped and there are no 64bit versions

* StopMotion http://stopmotion.bjoernen.com/ its a tool for creating stop motion animations with your camera, it was started once from SkoleLinux but isnt active developed anymore but it still works.

* Tupi http://www.maefloresta.com/portal/ a tool for doing 2d animations, but easier to learn and handle as SynfigStudio, puiterwik tries to package it since a few days

think thats all

br gnokii

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