I would love to help in part of UI/UX and also photography things to, since it’s my daily job now. :)

My another idea it’s about svg and css, such as svg animation (SMIL) and svg responsive, maybe it can relate with web things. I can help in that part.


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Prima Yogi Loviniltra

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On March 26, 2015 at 2:13:58 AM, Suchakra (suchakra@gmail.com) wrote:


> I'm planning to go. I think it would be great to have some UX-related
> sessions - since one of our team goals is to do more UX work. I'd love to
> have something hands-on like a user testing workshop. And this is me
> volunteering you, mo, but it might also be cool to do a UX case study talk
> around hyperkitty or anaconda.

I don't know if I am speaker material in UX/UI related stuff, but I
can take a session on UX thought process and mockups using Inkscape.
It would look something like this session [1] I proposed for FUDCon
Pune. I was not involved in Hyperkitty or anaconda so it all depends
on the 'masters'

[1] http://fudcon.in/sessions/uxui-design-primer-open-source-awesomeness

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