> Perhaps we could use a simple bug track to track our tasks? Or would it
> be an overkill? I can see the advantages of people being able to more
> closely follow the process and also people claiming tasks knowing that
> others didn't claiming those yet. Plus people would have better idea of
> how far we are. But it would pose additional work on us...

I think this is a good idea. Maybe for each piece of artwork that we
need, that's in the schedule with a deadline, we open a trac bug in our
new trac instance Paul had set up for us? That might work well.

I have worked before with a bug tracker on previous projects. with creative people I've had positive and negative results. So I think it depends on the people we're working with how this will go. I personally over-use bug trackers a bit as I plan whole projects in them even if I'm the only one working on it (it makes nice documentation afterwards). But in general a big: +1

What we do need to monitor is how people are responding to the bug tracker. I know that some bug trackers can be couple to mailing lists. That would be an idea but it would overflow email dramatically (in my last project i had about 100 emails a day from the issue tracker). But that would be the choice of the user ofcourse.