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Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:

> On Sat 02 Mar 2013 10:00:07 AM PST, Marco Scannadinari wrote:
> > @Máirín, shouldn't we go with one of these:
> > https://s-media-cache-ec8.pinimg.com/originals/17/1b/80/171b80cdeaecaa9889053b943dee21a9.jpg
> > http://artboard.cloud.fedoraproject.org/artboard/_images/6a324a02a4c663f4e3b349bb893f2fef/151%20-%20tagme.jpg
> > ... Which had the most likes (5 and 4 respectively) on Pinterest?
> #4 is very much the variant of what Mo posted. I think it will be 
> better for Martin to submit one static  version and another dynamic 
> combining both.
So, I went with what Máirín reffed, added the 151 from artboard, done some
quick colour manipulation to add two more and ended up with animated
wallpaper for Gnome, Cinnamon and Mate. Máirín's version is used for night,
151 is used for dawn, the other two are day (I tried making it slightly
brighter than dawn and plain blue, without yellow or purple tints) and dusk
(darkish, with purple tint). Feedback welcomed, the animation XML is put
together rather quickly, if you want to play with the time settings in there,
you're welcomed to, too. Of course new, better pictures are welcomed as
well (the originals are 1600x1200, so I've done some cropping and scaling
to get our usual sizes) ;-)

News in the packaging:
 * We don't ship dual screen wallpapers anymore so it does not make sense to
   have -single subpackage, I renamed it to -base
 * The animation/sizes xml is shared between gnome and mate, so I put it into
   -base/-animated. The non-animated is "hidden" - we don't want to confuse
   users by having two "same" backgrounds to choose from
 * I added support for Mate -> -mate subpackage.

Name troubles:
Fedora 19 release name is Schrödinger's Cat. There are two issues with
that. Letter ö is hard to write --> people installing by hand would have
issues. Common transcription seems to be oe, i.e. Schroedinger's Cat.
Character "'" needs to be escaped in terminal so it's better to omit, but that
would create plural noun... So I omitted the "s" as well in the package name,
going for schroedinger-cat-backgrounds. Hope this is acceptable. If you have
better suggestions, speak up! BTW. wikipedia redirects Schroedinger Cat to
Schrödinger's Cat, so it's not entirely my own creation ;-)

How to test:
 * Gnome/Cinnamon install
   schroedinger-cat-backgrounds{-base,-animated,-gnome}. Use *gnome* tools to
   change the background. It works in Cinnamon, but due to being xml, it does
   not show in its chooser (someone who actually uses Cinnamon should fill a
   bug about that)
 * Mate install schroedinger-cat-backgrounds{-base,-animated,-mate}.
 * KDE install schroedinger-cat-backgrounds{-base,-kde}.
 * XFCE install schroedinger-cat-backgrounds{-base,-xfce}
 * LXDE and others install schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-base, the pictures
   are then located in /usr/share/backgrounds/schroedinger-cat/default/*

The mentioned packages are in:

If no one speaks up about the mentioned changes/issues, I'll submit the
package for review at Tuesday.


Fine to me!