(I've been lurking on this list since the start of the f11 process and hope one day to take a more productive part and had intended to stay lurking until then, but I can't let this one go by....)

Hands up, I'm a secularist but I have no intention of starting any flamewar...but I would strongly dispute the notion of everyone having a soul.  Or even relating to that idea.  On the other hand as long as there's nothing "come and join us true believers" about the result I don't think many folk would have an issue with religion-inspired artwork.  Something in our damned gene's seems to resonate to some of the shared ideas common to many faiths.

2009/6/29 Samuele Storari <sstorari@byte-code.com>
Hi all,

I talked with Nicu about the Mosaic Theme at Fudcon just yesterday, and I think will be a good idea to work on.
Maybe not as a mosaic effect, but a mosaic "subject".

We can also think to an "Innovation Theme" cos Constantine the Emperor was the first to allow the Christian Religion all around the Roman Emp. so we can work on the innovation aspect and not on the religious side of the approach, maybe it will work.

So another idea we can work on is a "spiritual Focused theme", 'cause Constantine decide to allow the religion only before dyin'; and for SPIRITUAL I don't mean RELIGIOUS focused but something about the "Soul" and the Soul is common to every people in the world.

Maybe I can work on some other idea in those days so we can try to work on some little mockup.


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Lets not forget about bay leaves crow seem on most Roman emperors. Those
bay leaves could be subtle in background. As for mosaic, I think the
concept should not be too complex unless someone know to effectively
render them as wallpaper.
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