The logo is a logo , any wallpaper with logo is not official logo.
The logo from 3d wallpaper is not the same with the original logo ( is logic man!).
Is not place for 3D on fedora artwork?!
So what ?
I feel good and this is more important thing.

2009/6/5 Nicu Buculei <>
On 06/04/2009 05:49 PM, Cata wrote:
> *Don't understand me wrong , i don't promote to change the color logo .*

I understand correctly, but in wallpapers we must reproduce the official
colors accurately.

> Please see this link :

I think "web safe colors" is a thing of the past, from the age when
displays were able to show only 256 colors at a time. Today, even when
browsing the web with a cell phone we are beyond that.

> Please see
> on this:
>       Never Use the Logo on Similarly-Colored Backgrounds
> If i use another background on my 3D for example red , the result is
> garbage .

The FC6 wallpaper (created mostly with Blender) was made before we had
logo guidelines, so it is wrong in *many* ways, but I think it dows a
good job og being blue-on-blue but still readable:


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