Hi everyone :)

I've had to cancel a number of the Design Team Live video calls since the school year started here due to the timing of my kids' pickup from school. I heard from a number of you that we were well due for an update in schedule anyway as folks' schedules have changed and the time has become harder to make.

Here is a whenisgood I set up for the event. I filled it out for the next three weeks. Please set your timezone first, then select the times that would work best for you. Make sure to leave your name as well so I know who can make which times!


I also had an idea to consider -

We've been doing these as 1 hour long meetings every 2 weeks. Would half hour long every week be better? Do you have a preference?

Looking forward to meeting again soon :) I'll close the results on Thursday unless a really good time on Wed or Thurs itself emerges in the meanwhile so we could meet this week.

Le meas,