Hi Luya,

First of all, I am totally happy that you now looking after the Design Spin.
Now I had some time to watch over the list and I have some requests.

* Swatchbooker http://www.selapa.net/swatchbooker/ its a tool for manage swatches, mostly color sets now, its not active developed but it still works and is helpful for e.g. converting color palettes from adobe swatch exchange (*.ase) to *.gpl. Its not packaged yet but thats not a big deal, its python.

* Phatch http://photobatch.stani.be/ its a batch tool with an GUI where you can process also EXIF data, its packaged and there is also an nautilus plugin for it. For that you might maybe skip nautilus-image-converter

* GPick you did already take care of

* Alchemy http://al.chemy.org/ , not easy to describe what it does, it helps to create a creative chaos where you can work with. Its not really active deloped but it still works, is also not packaged yet. It uses java and netbeans

* Evolvotron http://www.bottlenose.demon.co.uk/share/evolvotron/ its a tool for generate creative patterns. Its not packaged yet should be harder as it uses c++/QT

* gimp normal map, puiterwijk packaged it now, its for creating normal maps from images, which u can use for "bump mapping"

* NeoTextureEdit http://neotextureedit.sourceforge.net it helps you to create seemless textures, for 3D games or blender. Also not packaged yet, it uses java

* jlipsync http://jlipsync.lamhauge.dk/ or Papagayo http://www.lostmarble.com/papagayo/index.shtml, both do the same taking a sound file and try to recognize the phonemes. With help of that tool you can animate 3D/2D speaking characters. jlipsync bases on java and papagayo on python, personally I prefer Papagayo but its tricky on 64bit machines as the development stopped and there are no 64bit versions

* StopMotion http://stopmotion.bjoernen.com/ its a tool for creating stop motion animations with your camera, it was started once from SkoleLinux but isnt active developed anymore but it still works.

* Tupi http://www.maefloresta.com/portal/ a tool for doing 2d animations, but easier to learn and handle as SynfigStudio, puiterwik tries to package it since a few days

think thats all

br gnokii

2013/2/1 Lailah <lailahfsf@gmail.com>


El jue, 31-01-2013 a las 10:54 -0800, Luya Tshimbalanga escribió:
I contacted Peter Hanecak, the maintainer of separate+ rpm, who agreed 
to maintain it in Fedora repository.
He is currently setting a Fedora account for packaging and will soon 
submit the spec for review.

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Graphic & Web Designer
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design-team mailing list

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