> Well, it might come as a surprise to some, but actually Ubuntu is not
> just a bunch of imbiciles, and it kinda annoys me that whenever
> something comes from or is done in Ubuntu, people saya: "well, if Ubuntu
> does it, then it is questionnable because they don't know what they do
> and their distro is only used by noobs".

> Well, that's simply bullshit.

I don't see why are you so excited with that Ubuntu.
Let me guess - because it is leading the linux rating - so what.

May I tell you a story.

Do you know who is the absolute champion in the history of survival of the living creatures? Try to guess.

It is not the Jaguar (the fastest running), it is not the eagle (the highest flying), it is not even the crocodile (the most ferocious). It is ... the turtle.

200 million years history record of survival (vs. 70 million of the crocodile).

Gentlemen, this is not a 'Nobel price' in survival strategy - it is a 'Masterpiece of the Nobel prices' from any point of view and for any age.

And are you interested to know how it is doing it ?!

In is uninteresting to its enemies.
It has protection shield with it all the time.
It has a long life cycle (over 300 years).
It changes only when it is forced by the circumstances to do so.
It diversifies its egss.
and so on ...
It has managed to survive even vs. humans (by becoming their pet).

The idea is that it is interesting to comment Ubuntu (and not only Ubuntu, what about MS as well) - but to comment the things by making analyses and inferences - not emotional estimates and paralogics. Anyway.