## About the thing

I am organizing a (potentially big) user-funding campaign for Free Software in Brazil.

In retrospect, last week I launched the Autonomia[1], an association of independent professionals (self-employed, freelancers) that is free, open, fair and transparent.

[1]: https://o-diogocampos.rhcloud.com/autonomia.html

This project, in a week, matured so well, received so much positive feedback, and so many potential customers came, that I felt strongly motivated to try together an old idea of mine, which is a closely related project:

Make the users themselves directly (and massively) finance Free Software (more precisely the GNU/Linux desktop).

## About the numbers

In Brazil, there are 100,000,000 internet users.

Since the current metrics point to 1% of GNU/Linux users, there are, therefore, 1,000,000 of Free Software users in Brazil.

Even if we reduce this number by 1% again (to be "realistic" as possible), we still have a number of 10,000 people with full potential to finance the project.

And this is the focus of the "first phase" of the project: to make 10,000 Brazilians pay for 10 Brazilians to work full-time and every month in Free Software.

In money, each supporter would need to invest a measly USD 0.50 per month for it to become reality. This way each 1,000 people would raise USD 500 per month, which is enough to pay USD 440 (2 times the minimum wage in Brazil) for each professional, and still pay the costs of operation and maintenance of the project itself.

## About the workers and the softwares

Having getting the money, the current strategy would be as follows, in summary:

1. Developer (OSTree).
2. Developer (xdg-app).
3. Developer (GNOME Shell).
4. Developer (GTK).
5. UI Designer (Shell, GTK, Web, Core Apps).
6. Developer (GNOME Web).
7. Developer (GNOME Core Apps - Documents, Music, Videos & Photos).
8. ?????.
9. Translator.
10. Marketing person.

Who will search, hire and manage these professionals will be the above-mentioned association, the Autonomia. Because it is an association of independent professionals, non-profit, where everyone is payed the same value per hour and where revenues and expenses are public and transparent.

## About me

I'm Diogo Campos[2], a self-taught web developer, and self-employed, who lives in Brazil (Florianópolis, Santa Catarina).

[2]: http://o-diogocampos.rhcloud.com/

I've tried to contribute to Free Software (and Free Culture in general) several times, but always give up because of my (really) bad financial situation until now.

Michael Catanzaro probably remember me, for my last contribution attempt (a bunch of designs for GNOME Web). Perhaps Allan Day remember me too. And if I'm not mistaken, someone who works in the GNOME Maps lives right next to me (must confirm, however).

I am first gathering information from the active community to, then, seek the support of all the specialized media, related communities, and interested institutions and individuals to do, together, a large, surprise and massive social event, both on Brazil and outside of it. Probably on day 22, and probably through Patreon. Still working on the details.

I am also already creating textual/informational material for the campaign. I am thinking in focusing the term "Linux" to take the risk of the campaign "leaking" to the mainstream media.

Also, a friend which is a Graphic Designer will build graphic material for the campaign for free.

## About you

What do you think about the project?

What do you think of the positions and the benefited softwares?

Would you help to spread the campaign? If not, why?

Who do you recommend to contact and seek support (internationally)?

I thought about Linux Action Show, Bad Voltage, Brian Lunduke, Fedora Magazine, People from GNOME Planet and Fedora Planet, GNOME Foundation, Free Software Foundation, EFF, Richard Stallman, Wogue and Phoronix.

Some more? Or some of these should I not?

If you are Brazilian, who should I contact? I thought only about BR-Linux until now. Some more? Or someone who should I not?

For now, that's it. I will keep you updated.