Clamav is ideal to test compatibility of the various kernels of the distros (at least in terms of clamav).

Under fc11 I succeeded (with your help) to update the Virus Definitions to 31 March 2010, but the AV engine is an old one (0.95.3). About the next one that ClamTk advises me to install (0.96) I found .rpm files for fc14.

Where can I find 0.96 compatible to work with fc11 ? Google finds nothing on the net.

And speaking about virus cleaning, what about the spam cleaning.
With every day and in every way the Internet is becoming more and more unbearable in terms of spam of any kind.

Thus for example I found on the net a lot of clamav versions for one and the same distro and it is difficult to orient oneself 'which is which' (the date of the file compilation is of little or no help).
It is obvious that nobody can clean up the whole Internet but everybody could at least clean up his own computer and website, and website blogs, and website error messages of OS that are no longer supported and so on (or at least make some efforts in that direction).

I am cleaning tmy computer every day and it is 'the good old mess'.