> And we can address part of the 'update frequency' problem client-side,
> by only checking for new updates once a week.
> But one problem which we cannot address client-side, and for which 'do
> nothing now and reassess later' will not help at all is the amount of
> updates. Even if you only check once per week, the flood of pointless
> updates is a problem. That is that part of the problem that we need to
> address with Jon's 'establishing norms or rules to limit changes'.

In my view the problem is not in the updates themselves, but rather in the Fedora specification of developing new software versions which should differ significantly from the previous ones.
Who really needs all these distos to change at the 'speed of light in vacuum'.
New distros - yes, but not like this, and not so often.

Perhaps the new distro should be something like a compilation of the old distros with the updates. In this way the problem with the compatibility of the distros would be solved as well.

For over 30 years of software monopoly on the market MS has all in all 9 OS, and within less time some other people have 14.
Maybe this needs some interpretation.