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I keep getting this weird behavior on Fedora 29 for which there are no
journal messages at all. This is the setup:

1. on battery power
2. Settings>Power>Blank Power = 5 minutes
3. Settings>Power>Dim Screen when inactive = On
4. Settings>Power>Automatic Suspend>Battery = On, 15 minutes
5. Use is inactive for more than 5 minutes, and less than 15. (At 15
minutes it definitely goes into suspend successfully).
6. I look up and see the GNOME lock screen with multiple yakyak
notifications, and also see a power notification (international stop
sign symbol). The power notification doesn't itself make the display
come on, it's yakyak. If I don't receive an incoming message on
yakyak, I have no idea the power notification is present. And if I
take a screenshot while the display is off, the screenshot file is all
7. The instant I click on any key or the trackpad, only the power
notification vanishes. The yakyak message remain in the list, and once
I log back into my user session, the power notification is not in the
drop down list of notifications when clicking on the time. And yet all
the yakyak notifications are in the list.
8. Nothing in the journal related to power

Is there a way to make the environment spit out more verbose messages
into the journal? I don't see a debug or verbose option with
gnome-shell -h


You're trying to figure out what the power notification is, or something else? You haven't actually presented a question :)

The power notification is, I believe, "Your system is going to get suspend soon due to inactivity" (or phrased similarly). Once you touch an input device, the notification gets destroyed. The presentation is somewhat confusing, I agree. For verification, disable screen blanking. You should see the same power notification pop up some time before the 15 minutes suspend timeout.

It probably doesn't make sense to show this particular notification on the lock screen (instead the lock screen could show something like "suspending in X minutes" somewhere visibly by itself). But the sender of the notification can't probably enable/disable lock screen visibility on a per-message basis (but I haven't looked at all the available hints you can attach).