On 4 June 2014 12:52, Josh Boyer <jwboyer@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
We aren't targeting people that find virtualization to be
a confusing concept.  Workstation is targeting developers and students
with a reasonable degree of technical competence.  I believe working
virt out of the box should be installed.
The live iso is ~1.2 GB right now.  In the context of having space to

For what it's worth, I consider myself to be firmly in the target audience for WS: I'm a web developer using all Free software and I've been using Linux since about Red Hat 7.

Mostly I use virtualisation to test stuff in MSIE on various flavours of Windows. If GNOME Boxes, libvirt, etc. is installed by default then I'll remove it and install VirtualBox. That's not because I prefer VBox - I don't at all - but because Microsoft provides images for VBox and making them work nicely with libvirt is a hassle I can do without.

Developers are a picky lot; I think generally we'll all prefer having a quick and easy means of finding and installing the stuff we want over having loads of stuff we might need pre-installed: the fewer packages pre-installed, the fewer I have to manually remove because they're not applicable to me.

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