Hi all,

The next meeting of the Fedora Workstation Working Group is planned for Tuesday 15 November, at 10:00 EDT.

Join links:

   - https://bluejeans.com/395383051/
   - https://www.bluejeans.com/numbers

See below for the agenda.


#topic F37 release status

#topic Software changelogs should only use supported markup
No response to the Bodhi issue. Anything we should do to follow-up?

#topic When skipping the option to enable 3rd repositories in the Fedora post-installation experience, dl.flathub.org doesn't appear in GNOME Software repo list, but all of the other 3rd repos do
Can we close this?

#topic Improve driver installation experience
This one has been gathering dust for a while. Should we pick it back up?

#topic Make VAAPI work out of the box
What's to be done here?

#topic Announcements, Status Updates

#info The minutes from last week have been posted.