2016-02-16 2:48 GMT-02:00 Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro@gnome.org>:

Very ambitious.

Or not: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cyanideandhappiness/joking-hazard

(yep, instant 20,000 people and USD 1,000,000 for a card game...)
Well, if you think you can raise that amount,

I definitely can't. But I believe WE, the (brazilian + international) Free Software community, can do it.

Also, the project is divided by goals. To it "succeed", it needs only 1.000 people (giving only USD 0.50 each - although they can give more) to, at least, the first developer be hired.

The others would be "stretch goals"; in order.
and you
think developers will want to work for that amount...

Yeah, isn't a dream salary. Developers in Brazil generally receive USD 660+ (3 times the minimum wage or more).

But there are those who receive less. Sometimes less than the USD 440 aimed by the campaign. And, with a bit of "bad luck", sometimes less than USD 220 (like me). And don't forget the unemployed ones (7% of the population, even graduated people).

By last, with the money in hands, we also could fallback to use it to pay for a half-time job.
best of luck with

Thank you.
We in GNOME are spread too thin right now, and +10 paid
developers would be a huge help.

I hope so.

OSTree seems relatively mature, but isn't really being used on the
desktop, except by Endless; not sure that should be a priority.

I was hoping to make this happen the sooner as possible: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Workstation/AtomicWorkstation

Because the current deployment, update and rollback systems of the traditional GNU/Linux distributions are horrible and awful. I really believe GNU/Linux distributions will never "hit the masses" without something better in this area. Of course I can be wrong, however.

(and OSTree "combines" really well with xdg-app)
is important; it needs help in the sandboxing department, and work on
porting existing GNOME apps to xdg-app, but this is a priority for Red
Hat so not sure it should be for Autonomia.

I was hoping to join forces with Red Hat in this regard... But, yeah, it seems like it needs a better investigation. Maybe I should contact Alex and Richard first.
GNOME Shell has a huge
Bugzilla queue, but I don't normally notice bugs and we've
intentionally stopped with the UI changes as the design has matured, so
not sure that should be a priority.

Makes sense.

How about wayland porting, however?
GTK+ already has lots of
experienced developers and doesn't need more help.

I thought to be the opposite. Thanks for clarifying.
Designers are really
important, but the ones we already have are generating top-notch
designs faster than we can implement, so I wouldn't invest there.

That's really good. I think I have a complementary idea, therefore...
Brazilian Portuguese has 98% translation coverage of GNOME 3.18 and 96%
of GNOME 3.20; you could close the gap, but probably that won't be a
full-time job?

Yeah, definitely. I was aiming to pay a current volunteer to ensure a Premium Quality (tm) translation of the UI and the Help of all core apps, but.... your statement made me remember another idea...
I would focus more effort on the GNOME core apps and less on the other
areas. Music and Web from your list could use one dedicated developer
apiece, for example, and I have a sizable list of other promising apps
that could as well: Chat and News immediately spring to mind. I think
right now our apps story is where we're weakest; since most of the apps
are not so important for enterprise customers, Red Hat doesn't seem to
care about them as much.

Sounds awesome.


Tentatively summing up:

1. Developer for OSTree.
    - Including its integration in Fedora.
2. Developer for xdg-app (needs confirmation).
    - Including sandboxing, porting of apps to it, and GNOME Software integration.
3. Developer for GNOME Web.
    - Main piece of a 2016 OS.
4. Developer for GNOME Chat.
    - Main app of a 2016 OS.
5. Developer for GNOME Mail*.
    - Kind of an natural "extension" of GNOME Chat. Plus GNU/Linux doesn't have a nice email client.
6. Developer for GNOME Music.
    - Everyone loves music. To try to make it more complete and more connected.
7. Developer for GNOME Photos.
    - Everyone loves photos, too. Also to try to make it more complete and more connected.
8. Usability Tester (and UI Designer).
    - It's true that GNOME has great UI Designers. But almost nobody do real-life usability testing of these UIs.
9. GNOME "How-To"s Maker and Maintainer (In Portuguese and English).
    - Usability tests are great. But make people learn how to do common tasks even before using the UIs is double the fun.
10. Free Software Marketing Campaign Maker (In Portuguese and English).
    - With all of this, Free Software is almost ready to "hit the masses". Let's heat the oven, then.
Of course, you were very helpful. :)

Wishing you the best with Autonomia,

You are helpful, Michael. THANKS. A. LOT.