On Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 9:42 AM, Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro@gnome.org> wrote:
Since upgrading to Fedora 20, I've been prompted to restart and install
updates nearly every day. This seems non-ideal. (Or pick your favorite
loaded term: absurd, crazy, insane, ....)

It'd be nice to have a gnome-settings-daemon update that significantly
increases the default time between updates. (I'm thinking weekly.) I
know checking for updates is handled differently in Fedora 21: this
email is only about Fedora 20.


I like the daily upgrades and keeping up with what is new of fixed. If I had the opposite view, such as Michael's above, I simply wouldn't upgrade all the time; I would upgrade when it suited me. If you believe it to be  absurd to be upgrading daily as I do, then do not - upgrade on your own terms. I believe that it is not one individual responsible for such a rate, rather each developer finishes their upgrade at a  certain point and pushes it into the stream, and it is the machine that pushes out an upgrade after so many contributions. I don't think you can change it without pissing off those who want it. No one said that you had to keep up; just go at your own pace.