Hi all,

After just doing a fresh install of f26 alpha, i noticed a few things we might be able to improve with how our users install and use shell extenstions.

Some of the Shell Extenstions from the GNOME website are available for download from the Software app in Fedora Workstation, but this only seems to be a small selection of what is available. The Shell Extenstions area in Software also shows extenstions that are packaged up in the repos for Fedora. The questions i have here are:

* How do we get more of the GNOME Shell Extenstions Site (GSES) based ones to appear?
* Many of the GSES extenstions in Software don't have screenshots, and their descriptions are pretty minimal. How can we work to make these better?
* A handful of the GSES ones that show in software are of questionable use for Fedora Workstation. Such as: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1139/apt-update-indicator/
* The extenstions that are in the Fedora repos are listed twice in the Software list.
* We install a few of the extenstions from the repos on Workstation by default (such as gnome-shell-extension-alternate-tab) and the GSES version shown in software is the one listed as "Installed" -- this furthers the confusion of having two of the same listed in Software
* None of the extensions that are in the repos seem to be installable from GNOME-Software. They just fail silently in the interface. For example in F26, i tried to install OpenWeather from the repos via Software, and it failed silently.