So if Gnash catches up with the newest version of flash, we can include in fedora as default, can't we?

2010/1/8 Torstein Adolf Winterseth <>
2010/1/8 Tareq Al Jurf <>:
> So if gnash is up to date, it will be able to run flash media perfectly?
Today's Gnash will not run SWF version 10 but will run SWF9 and below.
Sadly the newest YouTube uses SWF 10, so Gnash will just show a black
window. Remember to install Gstreamer's ffmpeg codecs and ffmpeg. That
is what Gnash uses to decode the H.264 encoded video which is default
in creating Flash videos.

I am personally really looking forward to SWF 10 support in Gnash, and
I hope Adobe don't do much with Flash as I'd really like Gnash to
catch up and replace the evil Flash Plugin for my usage (mostly
YouTube and random other *cough* sites).

Mvh / Kind regards
Torstein Adolf Winterseth

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