On Fri., 23 Jun. 2017 at 10:46 pm, Jiří Eischmann <eischmann@redhat.com> wrote:
after the last update in F26 my wallpaper disappeared. Indeed all of
them, but the default one were gone from /usr/share/backgrounds/gnome.
When I investigated why, I found out that the default set of wallpapers
was plit into gnome-backgrounds and gnome-backgrounds-extras. gnome-
backgrounds now only include the default wallpaper, everything else is
in *-extras.

First I have no idea why this change was made. Can anyone explain it to

Thanks for reporting this! Just to clarify and confirm what happened here:

Second it brings two problems:
1. until gnome-backgrounds-extras is added to the list of pre-installed
packages we will only have two wallpapers pre-installed (GNOME default,
Fedora default), that's kinda too few.

The plan here was to split the existing gnome-backgrounds package into two sub-packages. One containing the default GNOME adwaita background (that changes every release) and the other GNOME backgrounds. This split means we can install the default adwaita background by default in Fedora workstation, with the rest of the wallpapers that show in the finder coming from the f**-backgrounds package (the default Fedora wallpaper) and the new Fedora-workstation-backgrounds package, which contains a set of new wallpapers to show in the finder by default. Showing only two was never intended. 

2. the transition is not handled very well, wallpapers are removed from
gnome-backgrounds, but gnome-backgrounds-extras don't get installed. So
many users lose wallpapers they've set and end up with a blank desktop
wondering what has happened.

This was an oversight on my part. With the recent updates to the package by Kalev upgrading users will get all the new Fedora-workstation-backgrounds, all the GNOME backgrounds, and the default Fedora background. 


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