The message about Ceph [1] reminded me that we should probably make the same notification for Eclipse Platform.

The Eclipse Platform upstream is in the process of dropping all support for 32bit arches.

The current state is that upstream are no longer building for 32bit arches upstream for 4.10 (release 2018-12) onwards. I expect them to start actively removing 32bit specific code in future releases.

You can read more about the decision on the upstream bug [2]

In Fedora, Eclipse 4.10 which I am building for Rawhide and F29 right now, still builds for 32bit arches, but this will not last long. I expect in a future release (4.11 or later) Eclipse will no longer build on x86/arm and at that time I will no longer be able to support these architectures in Fedora -- I expect to exclude those arches from Fedora builds.

If you depend on the ECJ batch compiler, this will continue to be available on all arches as a noarch package. (It is packaged as a discrete SRPM and has no build or runtime dependency on the Eclipse Platform itself.)