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GCC5 rebuilds required for sflphone: ccrtp, libzrtpcpp, dbus-c++
by Sandro Mani
8 years
Un-retiring ice and mumble?
by Carlos O'Donell
8 years
Copr routinely swamped by nightly builds
by Kevin Kofler
8 years
Firewalld enable by default in Fedora 22
by Carlos Morel-Riquelme
8 years
Libinput now enabled as default xorg driver for F-22 workstation installs
by Hans de Goede
8 years
Intend to retire kde-plasma-daisy
by Michael J Gruber
8 years
by Rahul Sundaram
8 years
systemd-219 issues with 22 and Rawhide composes
by Harald Hoyer
8 years
Subject: Self Introduction: Sandro Bonazzola
by Sandro Bonazzola
8 years
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