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RFC: static builds for user emulators in Fedora QEMU RPMs
by Daniel P. Berrange
1 year, 8 months
BuildRequires on obsoleted packages provided by Python
by Charalampos Stratakis
1 year, 8 months
No Boost update in F25
by Jonathan Wakely
1 year, 9 months
[HEADS UP] broken/fixed gnupg2-2.1.13 and pygpgme renamed to python-pygpgme
by Igor Gnatenko
1 year, 10 months
First steps for New Comers
by amit kumar
1 year, 10 months
Re: Broken dependencies: vim-syntastic
by Pavel Raiskup
1 year, 10 months
[Fwd: Re: [Fedora-packaging] Re: why the Group tag is obsolete ?]
by Sérgio Basto
1 year, 10 months
ATTN: OCaml 4.03 in Rawhide, could affect POWER, s/390, RHEL 7.4, CentOS 7.4
by Richard W.M. Jones
1 year, 10 months
DNF and PackageKit background data usage
by Adam Williamson
1 year, 10 months
Private Bugzilla bugs
by Florian Weimer
1 year, 10 months
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