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Re: Request for write permission of menu-cache in Fedora
by Zamir SUN
1 year, 5 months
findbugs-contrib building on i686 builders despite ExcludeArch
by Richard Fearn
1 year, 5 months
bootctl: no entry could be determined as default (Was: Upgrade to F30 gone wrong)
by Dridi Boukelmoune
1 year, 5 months
by Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
1 year, 5 months
friday roundup of failing images in rawhide
by Kevin Fenzi
1 year, 5 months
Discussion around app retirements and categorizations by the CPE team
by Pierre-Yves Chibon
1 year, 5 months
HEADS UP: Source File Verification
by Igor Gnatenko
1 year, 5 months
Fedora 32 System-Wide Change proposal: x86-64 micro-architecture update
by Ben Cotton
1 year, 5 months
Packages requiring "Python" might be broken in rawhide
by Miro Hrončok
1 year, 5 months
NeuroFedora review swaps: python-fslpy, python-fsleyes-widgets
by Ankur Sinha
1 year, 5 months
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