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Question for election candidates: do you support allowing Fedora src-git repositories to be hosted on a proprietary software git forge?
by Michael Catanzaro
1 month, 3 weeks
Fedora EPEL 7 and enabling devtoolset
by David Sommerseth
1 month, 3 weeks
packaging sourcegraph cli -- any volunteers?
by Matthew Miller
1 month, 4 weeks
java-17-openjdk mass-rebuild for f36 in copr I
by Jiri Vanek
1 month, 4 weeks
Trying to take an orphaned package
by Stephen Snow
1 month, 4 weeks
Onboarding package
by Vít Ondruch
1 month, 4 weeks
Release 13.0.1-rc1 has been tagged
by Tom Stellard
1 month, 4 weeks
F35 release retrospective
by Ben Cotton
1 month, 4 weeks
Fedora 33 End Of Life
by Mohan Boddu
1 month, 4 weeks
Fedora-Rawhide-20211130.n.0 compose check report
by Fedora compose checker
1 month, 4 weeks
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