This is the Minimization Objective [0] update.

== Regular meeting ==

Team meeting every Wednesday 15:00 GMT (find it in the SIGs calendar [1]).

== Discoveries ==

A new discoveries page [2] created that will contain random useful discoveries. It'll get structured as it fills up.

Potential areas to focus on:
- removing Systemd dependency from dnf, httpd, and others in order to build smaller container images
- removing Perl from the base installation

== Toolbox ==

The 'showme' tool [3] for visualising and inspecting RPM dependencies now supports weak dependencies and a package list output.

== How to get involved ==

See if there is anything interesting to you on action plan [4], or reach out with something you think is useful but is missing there. Open a ticket in the tracker [5] or discuss in #fedora-devel on IRC.


[0] Objective:
[1] Meeting
[2] Discoveries
[3] The 'showme' tool


Adam Šamalík
Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat