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It's still a good test to do.  For example, Server and netinst ISO
images are used a lot for VMs, but not for bare metal.

Well, your view - I have been using netinst-ISOs only, in recently years ;)

Do you burn them to actual physical spinning optical media?

I do that. Last time I tried to make a bootable USB I destroyed my pendrive
and it's not like a have them for tons.  And it's not the first time this
OK being an expert in hyperbole... I recognize this as such. There's
no way making a bootable USB stick destroys it. What you're probably
experiencing is confusing elsewhere as a result of the whacky hybrid
partition scheme that's used on Fedora ISOs. To clean it up you have
to wipe the first 3 sectors to remove all three partition schemes; but
you're maybe better off just zeroing the first 1MiB.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<stick> bs=1M count=1

The new Fedora Media Writer will recognize this hybrid partition
scheme on a USB stick and offer to reset it for you.

No, impossible, now it's read only. I tried to format but there's problem with block sizes. If I try to format Gparted shows a warning  "Block sizes are of xx bytes but Linux says they are xx bytes"  and fails.  For some reason, Media Writer failed middle way in the process of making it bootable.  And it's not the first time it happens.  The previous one I fixed it running a programme, but I don't remember which one.
So, I know it's not physically destroyed but to me it's almost the same, I lost the only USB stick I had for this purpose. The other one is for backups.