On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 4:48 PM, Chris Murphy <lists@colorremedies.com> wrote:
> As far as BTRFS
> is concerned however, I believe that ship has sailed.  I used it for 4
> years, but after the recent news regarding RAID

The only news about Btrfs RAID I can think of that you're referring to
is the raid5 scrub bug that corrupts parity in a very specific
situation. It's a bad bug, but it's also really rare. 

That may be, but all the articles I read suggested "be afraid, be very afraid".
In addition, https://goo.gl/V2IyFq
basically just comes out and says, not to use it.

I knew that it was experimental when I first set it up years ago, but I never imagined
it would still be experimental in 2016.  I just got tired of waiting, and the statement
that it would all most likely have to be rewritten was just the last straw for me.  The
only reason I was using it was because of the ease and flexibility to run Raid5/6.  With
that apparently nowhere now on the horizon, time to cut my loses and move on.  
Anyway it's a bad bug. But it's not correct to assign this bug to the
other three raid profiles or Btrfs in general - where it has numerous
features not all of which have the same maturity.

Agreed, but in my mind the last episode throws some serious shade
on the entire project.  Once upon a time, there was talk about making the default in
Fedora, but now - not so much.  In the meantime XFS is being improved and bcachefs is
being developed.  Tick tock...