On 1.7.2020 17:17, Peter Robinson wrote:
The use of legacy or uefi are changes that users have to manually change
themselves in their bios from manufactures default settings. There is no
tool that can do that for them or migrate those settings however users
should be able to change this for hardware around 2010.

The Installer would have to try to detect and make a choise sd-boot ( If
settings equall UEFI ) or grub2 ( If setting not equals UEFI ) depending
on it's results.
grub2 supports UEFI, doesn't have to be sd-boot

Javier already has provide the best path forward for now and that is for Anaconda to provide an sd-boot option in same/similar manner as extlinux exist today so people will have the option to chose to use sd-boot instead of GRUB.

Those who want a simple modern bootloader will then have the ability to use it while those need or prefer a boot manager OS and all it bells and whistles it brings along with it can continue to use that.

After what one or two releases of Fedora the idea of making sd-boot the default for EFI installs can be visited and or WG decide that for themselves.