On Sat, 12 Jan 2019 at 04:37, John Harris <johnmh@splentity.com> wrote:
On Saturday, January 12, 2019 2:27:33 AM EST Adam Williamson wrote:
> Just as a note, Workstation isn't a spin, it's a Fedora Edition:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Editions
> framing it as if it's "just another spin" is a bit off. Its prominence
> is quite intentional and the whole Fedora.next / editions thing was
> precisely about picking some specific 'flavors' of Fedora and giving
> them prominence over the others.

Really, the issue there is specifically that it isn't "just another spin", but
I'm sure you knew that's what I was getting at.

Side note, I was at a loss of what you were getting at. There were several ways it could be interpreted and has been used by people in the past to mean different things.
Fedora's aggressive marketing
of specifically GNOME, while hiding other Spins, would be an interesting
factor in review of metrics of spins.

The problem is that there is an inherent conflict of resources here. When we put everything on the download pages, everyone including the spin owners say it was too confusing. But choosing which things get put on a special page or not ends up getting the opposite "You're oppressing me" or "Oh its ok if you drop everyone but MY spin".  The opposite catch-22 is that the spin may only have 1-2 to handle issues but they aren't getting more or less people because they don't have more than 1-2 people on it. This leads to multiple spins only getting looked at in the beta where someone sees "oh it won't get in the next release.. ok I will see if I can get time to fix things"

It is a complicated problem and doing the basic hand-waving of "it is because Fedora markets specifically GNOME they suck" just makes people pissed off and entrenched versus coming up with a workable solution.

Stephen J Smoogen.